Heuibae Kim


Previously, he worked at Reakosys, a Korean 3D mobile solution company, and HI, a Japanese JASDAQ listed company for 8 years.

Through this experience, he developed a very solid business relationships with major mobile companies in Korea such as SAMSUNG, LG and SK.

Since the first development of a Karaoke App called ‘KARUSO’ as a casual opportunity in 2013, he had been running the Karaoke Application service

under the name of ‘SOMESING’ as a paid service before he developed a new version of SOMESING with a blockchain technology.

He achieved to host over 250,000 users while operating a paid Karaoke service, but soon realized that to activate the Karaoke App and attract

more users, free and user-centric service was an essential element for the success of the business. That is the main reason for him to have designed

an online Karaoke platform that combines blockchain technology with key members and this was the start of SOMESING project.

He majored in Computer Engineering at Hongik Univ, Korea.

He has built up SOMESING team and has been leading the team based on various business experiences as well as his previous online app service

experience together with a wide range of business networks in the industry.