Jagdish Pandya


A future-ready philanthropically-inclined businessman who loves to see the tomorrow of everything – be it technology, finance, human or social interactions. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has continuously been a catalyst for other entrepreneurs across various business and technology verticals. His sound strategies are pre-loaded with simple and smart processes that make all the difference. He’s been at the forefront of digital and cryptocurrency developments since the beginning and has built credibility and a strong network among his peers with his dedication and growth mindset. He firmly believes that, “All great things or people are resisted in the beginning. And in due course, the whole world has to not just take notice of them but follow them.” A self-made cryptopreneur, he helms a professionally managed team of industry experts who come with depth of experience, width of expertise, and height of commitment required for fulfilling the entire concept-to-coin life cycle. Pandya underlines the need where, “We all need to strengthen the decentralized innovations and tomorrow’s world will be much better than what it is today.” Currently in his position as the cryptocurrency enthusiast he has taken up various roles to add value to the whole crypto eco-system. He is contributing towards the industry through various ventures that he runs, such as Block On IT Services Pvt Ltd – Gift city (for Blockchain Solutions), Block One Pte Ltd – Singapore (Wallet, POS and Payment solutions), Global Crypto Hub, Thailand (a brick-n-mortar crypto community hub), Crypto Currency Expo (periodical event across the world), Blokrypton (a company that promotes Asia Blockchain Expo) apart from many other initiatives that he endorses. He is all set to provide leverage and knowledge to crypto ventures as an accomplished ICO Master where he’d be mentoring new entrants while marketing old ones by giving complete ICO service package. He dreams of building a full-fledged Crypto Valley and incubation centre for crypto lovers in Asia with the co-operation of the Governments of India and Philippines. Known among his tribe as JP, his passion for creating a win-win-win world for the crypto community, media and governments has won him tremendous respect from everywhere which has encouraged him to work harder towards the growth of this fantastic industry.